Apple tart

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An exceptional Apple Tart based on traditional recipes! Exquisite bakery product, which probably every lover of cakes and sweets knows. We often look for classic cakes, such that we and our family will know the sign. Then the ideal solution seems to be this miracle! Placed on the table right after a sumptuous dinner will surely encourage everyone to reach for a piece!
This unique cake base is semi-crust pastry, delicately crispy, with aroma of cinnamon and vanilla, filled with apples! A delicious proposition for any occasion!

We invite you to check out the rest of our sweets, which we have prepared on our website. First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the delicious Birthday Cakes. These cakes are perfect for the holidays! You can personalize your cake and add something from yourself to it. It can be candles (plain or in the shape of numbers) or an inscription made of colored icing. This way you can express, for example, the name of a loved one or a short wish. In addition, you can order a real hit, namely edible photo printing on top of the cake. A beautiful gift, which will remind you of your moments together and will evoke a wide smile and a tear of emotion!

You can also prepare an accessory in a more elegant style. Then we encourage you to look through our offer of Flowers. The richness of colors, the magic of meanings and symbols - what do you want more? It is enough to find out about your beloved person's taste and order for him/her a bunch of his/her favorite flowers together with a card. And on it - warm, sincere wishes! We guarantee that this way you will surely win the heart of your other half!

You may also worry that you won't be able to pick up the finished products from the cake shop. No problem! We will deliver them directly to your home! Just give us your address and the time of delivery, and we will do it for you. This way you can also give someone an unusual surprise! Order such unique cakes to his/her home and imagine his/her surprised face when he/she receives such a sweet parcel! Bringing joy has never been so easy!
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