Bachelor's party cake

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Funny cake, special for Bachelor’s party! Bust shaped cake, which will be perfect for this one and only crazy night before the wedding day. You can order it for yourself, or as a gift for a friend!

When placing your order you will see a "special instructions" box. To create a cake to your liking, select the type of sponge cake (dark or light) and the filling.

You can choose from strawberry, peach, cherry, raspberry, almond, hazelnut, coffee, chocolate and tiramisu flavours of whipped cream. If you prefer cream, also choose its flavor: lemon, black currant, hazelnut, coffee, chocolate, Hungarian. Note: If you do not specify the taste of the cake you agree to prepare it according to the confectioner's suggestions.

The weight of the cake may slightly differ from the weights given below. The final product may slightly differ from the one presented in the photo.
Tradition of Bachelor’s Party is quite long, but the shape of it as we know it hasn’t been long. Right now they are crazy parties with friends, which are supposed to let off the steam before the wedding day. Funny gadgets and expensive clubs – these are the elements that cannot be missed. Just as our cake!

Choose your filling of Bachelor’s Party cake and get perfectly suited taste for your friend or yourself! Bust shaped cake is delicious and fun – definitely worth considering before the upcoming event.

Contact us and choose the filling and the size of the cane. Personalized gift for Bachelor’s Party is a great idea! If you look for other, more classic baked goods, take a look at our other categories: traditional cakes and cakes with sugar mass.
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