Gluten Free Challah Cake

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Our gluten-free challah cake is an absolute hit for lovers of sweets! Made with the highest quality ingredients, including white chocolate, black currant, sesame and vanilla challah, it is a combination of flavors that will surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs. Our challah cake was made with almond flour, which gives it a light and delicate character.
The top of the cake is decorated with delicate and velvety cream, which perfectly combines with the hint of challah and white chocolate, creating an unforgettable taste experience. In addition, our challah cake is enriched with sesame paste, which gives it a special and unique taste.
Gluten-free challah cake is an ideal choice for those who follow a gluten-free diet or suffer from gluten intolerance on a daily basis. Thanks to the use of gluten-free ingredients, this cake is ideal for people with gluten allergies. The taste of our baked product is just as delicious as that of a traditional challah cake, so anyone can enjoy it without worrying about their health.
Important:The cake is made by an atelier that is certified MENU WITHOUT GLUTEN
Brownie is suitable for people with celiac disease.
Gluten-free challah cake
is a unique and delicious option for people who want to enjoy the taste of traditional challah cake without worrying about gluten. It is made with the highest quality ingredients, such as almond flour, white chocolate, sesame paste, black currant and vanilla challah. These rich ingredients provide an extraordinary taste and texture that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.
The top of the cake is decorated with soft and creamy cream, which perfectly contrasts with the hints of challah and white chocolate. Our gluten-free challah cake is an excellent choice for those on a gluten-free diet or with gluten intolerance. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the best taste without compromising health.
It is worth noting that our gluten-free challah cake is produced in a facility that is certified by the crossed ear. So you can be sure that our cake is completely safe for people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.
Choose our gluten-free challah cake for a true taste of luxury without worrying about your health!
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