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Opole is one of the many cities where you can order various cakes from local E-pies. It is not only the site of the famous Polish song festival - here you can also eat a variety of delicious things! If you want, you can order sweets for yourself or as a gift for someone you know in Opole. When ordering a cake online, you can also choose accessories and even flowers! If you want to order something other than a cake with delivery, choose our delicious cakes: cheesecakes, apple pies or fruit pies. Our confectionery in Opole makes sure that each ordered baking is of the highest quality and is suitable for every, even the most important occasion. See for yourself and place an online cake order today!

All you have to do is place an order online by 1 p.m. and the next day the courier of the Opole pastry shop will appear at your door!

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In Opole, we receive a lot of orders for chocolate and fruit cakes. These are delicious traditional pastries, for which our confectionery in Opole selects the best ingredients. As a result, the chocolate literally melts on the tongue, and the fruit has the taste and aroma right after picking. A baking that combines these elements is the Drwal Cake, which you can order for many different occasions and its versatility is probably behind the popularity of this baking in Opole.
In our offer of confectionery in Opole you will find a lot of delicious proposals that will work for various occasions. You can choose a cake with a delivery for a child's birthday, or a delicious cake for grandparents living in Opole. There are plenty of options, just like our cakes delivered to Opole. Our local pastry shop makes sure that the ordered pastries are delicious and meet the expectations of the ordering parties, and in addition they bring a lot of joy to the recipient. You can order a cake as a surprise - if you do not want to, we do not give the recipient the details of the person sending the gift! Our confectionery in Opole makes sure that your plan is fully implemented according to your wishes.

In addition to the gift idea, our cakes in Opole can also be a great solution for companies that are looking for a quick and simple way to plan a business event. When ordering a cake from our confectionery in Opole, you can choose a company cake with a logo, of any size and taste. You don't need to order or pick it up in person, which makes logistics much easier when planning an event. If you want to place a company order for a cake in Opole, please contact us!

Cakes Opole

Local residents place a lot of orders for various occasions, including cakes delivered to Opole for Father's Day. Order and you!