Cheesecake with Yellow Fruit

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Any day is good for a little sweetness! Delicious cold cheesecake with jelly and yellow or orange fruit. Classic version of baked goods that can be delivered to any place in Poland.

The weight of the cake may slightly differ from the weights given below. Our confectioners will make cheesecake from fruits available. The final product may slightly differ from the one presented in the picture.
It is hard to find among cakes and pastries one that would live to see so many versions, types of flavors and forms, as cheesecake. Very delicate and fluffy cake with a subtle flavor delivery - it reigns on the tables regardless of the occasion or holiday. The basis for the preparation of this bakery is cottage cheese, thanks to which the composition owes its creamy texture. We, especially for lovers of this unique delicacy, present one of our proposals - Tangerine Cheesecake. Perfect for afternoon tea, dessert or as an addition to coffee, and at the same time extremely light and melting in your mouth!

The cheesecake itself is prepared cold, properly cooled to preserve its aroma and fluffiness. For the decoration we used pieces of fresh tangerine, which perfectly harmonizes with the delicate taste of the cake. The whole cake is covered with a fruit jelly. A delicious idea, especially for those who love fruit flavors of all desserts and cakes. For the gourmets of the above, we can also offer much more - just have a look at the Traditional Cakes category and find the sweetness you are interested in there. In the Cakes section of our online patisserie we also have a wide range of proven products, which includes other baked goods worthy of recommendation.

Would you like to spice up your chosen Tangerine Cheesecake? This is what we offer for you! You can order flowers, candles, or a greeting card that represents anything you would like to say. In addition, we can prepare for you an inscription made of colored icing, which will represent the name of your loved one. Another offer is to place your photo on an edible wafer on the cake. Just imagine how surprised the person will be when they receive such a great gift! You can express the hottest emotions and feelings in such an unconventional way!

This composition will surely appeal to everyone who loves sweets, cake and cakes. You can also be sure that by ordering from us, your cheesecake will be delivered fresh and flavorful. Thanks to our cooperation with local pastry shops, we guarantee you the highest quality of the offered products, which contributes to their exceptional taste. Moreover, we offer delivery to any location in Poland! You do not have to worry about the distance - our courier will deliver your order exactly where you indicated! It is worth considering our offer today, it will take you only a few minutes!
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