Easter Table Sweets Set

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Easter Table Sweets Set a great option to relax before the holidays, let go of the holiday baking and focus on spending time with your family! We've gathered our best-selling baked goods and created a package so you don't have to worry about setting the Easter table! Order with delivery to yourself or loved ones! This is the perfect gift that is sure to bring a smile to the recipients face! The centerpiece of the set is a delicate kajmak cake on a light sponge cake, decorated with roasted almonds and covered with a fudge glaze. The classic Easter cheesecake with chocolate icing, the traditional sand cake with a delicate, buttery flavor with icing, the beautifully decorated and carefully made mazurka which is a true work of culinary art. Plus a minimalist fruitcake filled with nuts, raisins or jelly!

The set includes:

Kajmak Cake (1pc/1.5kg/12 persons)

Easter Cheesecake (1pc/1.5kg/12 persons)

Sponge cake (1pc/0.5kg/8pers.)

Mazurka (1pc/0,5kg/6os.)

Keks (1pc/0,5kg/8os.)

Buying in a set you get a better price than buying each product separately!

Meet our largest set of Easter baked goods - the Easter Table Sweets Set. This is an option for those who spend Easter with family and love sweets. In the set you will find our absolute Easter hit, i.e. Kajmak Cake with beautiful almond decoration, round Easter Cheesecake with chocolate glaze, classic sand cake covered in icing, as well as decorative mazurek with kajmak and rich keks. Each cake is made to your special order, so you receive it fresh and at the time of your choice. There's nothing easier to organize your Easter treat - with the option to have your holiday baked goods delivered to your home or office, you can do it with just a few clicks. If you are looking for a smaller set, you will also find our Easter Surprise Candy Set and Easter Bunny Candy Set in which you will find respectively 3 and 4 cakes from our Easter offer.

Order our cakes home for your Easter table or as an Easter gift with delivery! This is an easy and quick solution that will please everyone who celebrates Easter and beyond. You can send an Easter cake with delivery to your parents, friends, or work colleagues. As a gift will work out for example our mazurkas, which are beautifully decorated and enjoy not only the taste but also the original appearance. In our Easter offer you will also find a variety of cupcakes and other cakes, which we realize the delivery throughout Poland. With our online cake shop preparation for the holidays is trivial! You can order our Easter cake kits to take home or to the office to share with your employees and wish them a happy Easter. Sweets allow you to enjoy happiness and joy every day and on holidays.

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