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Cakes - Lublin confectionery

Cakes and pastries in Lublin that you can order straight to your home. Sounds like a fairy tale? But it is true! Order a cake online - our local pastry shop will deliver it to the address you provided.

Lublin confectioneries will deliver the cake straight to your home

Lublin is the pearl of eastern Poland - a beautiful city full of greenery and monuments, which is becoming more and more beautiful every year. It is a culturally interesting city, but not only - it is also worth mentioning here the excellent pastry shops in Lublin, which carry out orders for cakes with delivery. Our local patisseries make sure that everyone can try delicious, traditional or surprisingly modern pastries. Cakes delivered in Lublin have already appeared on dozens, if not hundreds of tables! If you also want to give someone a sweet surprise, organize a family party, or send a business gift - this is the perfect solution for you.

Celebrate all the important days of the year with us! You can order a sweet gift for Mother's Day or a birthday cake to Lublin for a friend. It couldn't be easier - you can see all the baked goods in the pictures on our online confectionery website, so you can choose the perfect baking for the occasion. The order goes to our confectionery in Lublin, which prepares the baked goods according to the guidelines and delivers them to the address specified in the order on the selected day. And if you wish, you can also include flowers, fruit or a greeting card. There is no easier way to make someone happy! You can order a cake with delivery to Lublin whenever and wherever you want, even if you live abroad.

Order your baked goods by 1 p.m. via our website and you will receive them the very next day. If you want to know more details of the delivery in 24 hours, check our store regulations.

Lublin cakes

Lublin is a city with many traditions - one of them is a passion for chocolate cakes! Our best-selling Forest Cake is the most frequently ordered here, which delights with the lightness of whipped cream with forest fruit combined with a thick chocolate coating. Perfect as a gift for birthdays and name days, as well as for other occasions. The perfect combination of fruit and whipped cream makes it difficult to resist this baking. Our confectionery in Lublin will carry out your order with the utmost care, no matter what you choose - thanks to this, online order for a cake with delivery guarantees the highest quality. Do you live far from Lublin and you want to give someone sweet pleasure? Don't worry - thanks to our online confectionery, you can order a cake online with delivery in Lublin. It will be prepared by local confectioners who will deliver the order to the designated address. We work only with the best confectioneries and it is no different with Lublin - cakes, cakes and other pastries are prepared with the utmost attention to every detail. Thanks to this, the group of lovers of our cakes delivered in Lublin is still growing. Join them too!