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Our Confectionery Masters did an incredible job! They creates a christmas poppy seed cake with no sugar content, without the use of animal products, suitable for consumption by people with gluten intolerance*. All while maintaining the best taste and without any compromises. On a crispy dates base with peanut butter, you will find a cheese layer made of millet and coconut milk, and a poppy seed layer with dried fruits (walnuts, raisins, orange peel, maple syrup, rum, bananas). We made the topping with millet, orange and cocoa. The top of the cake is decorated with freeze-dried kumquat fruits.
* product may contain traces of gluten

We provide safe deliveries. Cakes's are baked and packaged with the highest safety, hygiene rules and folowing the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Our employees have sanitary books, the bakery studio is sterile, we work in disposable masks and gloves.

If you haven’t heard of our BOX products yet, we have some information for you. First of all, remember to storage it properly - like most of fresh products it has to be kept in a darkened and cool place. You can put it in the refrigerator just before the serving. Also, remember that  these products  expire date is five days after they are baked. You can find expiration date in the box. Usually it's 5 days.

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