Substitution Policy

Confectioneries and florists of the E-torty website are equipped with detailed instructions for order fulfillment and make every effort to ensure that the ordered products are prepared in the best possible way. Occasionally, however, the delivered products may differ from those presented on the product pages.

In the case of cake decoration (including fruit used in it), the differences may be +/- 20% by weight, sometimes slight changes in taste (example: chocolate-raspberry cake, may be replaced with chocolate-strawberry cake). In the case of mixed bouquets, the differences may concern the flowers used in its preparation (the availability of which may vary depending on the region / season), without changing the arrangement and color of the composition. However, these changes should not significantly affect the general nature of the ordered product. They are beyond the control of MyShop company.

In the event that the execution of a given order turns out to be impossible for some reasons and / or any possible changes to the product would be significant, the Customer Service Center of the website may propose the Customer to replace the product with another one or cancel the order. In the case of the last option, MyShop will fully refund the funds to the Customer's account.