Box of 4 eclairs

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Set of 4 delicious eclairs with delivery directly to your loved ones. Delicious éclairs will be a perfect idea for birthdays, name days, anniversaries or sweet thank-yous. The set includes éclairs in four unique flavors: vanilla-strawberry, pistachio-raspberry, baileys with orange and passion fruit and chocolate-caramel. 

NOTE: The product contains alcohol. in the event of a temporary shortage of one of the flavors, it can be substituted for another.

Do you already know French macaroons? These are light biscuits made of egg whites, ground almonds and powdered sugar. This is one of those sweets that with their light sweetness do not evoke the slightest remorse and encourage you to reach for another portion! They can have many different flavors, so everyone can find their favorite flavor. In our set you will find several proposals, including fruit, chocolate or salty caramel. Every macaroon melts in your mouth! If you do not know their perfect taste yet, order macaroons with delivery for yourself or for someone else as a gift. It's very easy with our online confectionery! You can order baked goods all over Poland, just like our beautiful bouquets of flowers.

The popularity of macaroons is primarily due to two issues: their Parisian character and that wonderful lightness that all lovers of sweets dream about. You can enjoy their taste and do not worry about calories, because the basis of their production are egg whites and ground nuts, i.e. health itself, in small portions full of excellent taste. You can order our delicious macaroons for Mother's Day, as a birthday present, or as a gesture of thanks for help or favors. They are versatile pastries - they will be perfect for many different occasions! A beautifully wrapped candy box is a great gift that will impress everyone who receives it. Do you want to know more of our pastries? Discover traditional and artistic cakes and cakes that you can order with a few clicks to your home address or as a sweet delivery for a loved one.

Baked goods with delivery are a proven gift idea - you can surprise someone on a birthday, name day, or without an occasion! In addition to our delicious macaroons, cakes and cakes, you can also opt for a beautiful and fresh bouquet of flowers. The best florists from all over Poland prepare them for you and deliver them to the given address. You can order the flowers only, or you can choose the baking of them - the parcel will be delivered to the addressee or addressee together. Choose a colorful Spring Announcement Bouquet, a Mother's Bouquet (the perfect Mother's Day gift!) Or another beautiful composition from our store. Beautiful flowers and a box of delicious macaroons will be a wonderful surprise! 

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