Safe delivery

Sometimes it is better to stay at home - that's why we have introduced additional procedures to ensure you the highest standards of order fulfillment:

- our baked goods are prepared with the highest safety, hygiene rules and following the recommendations of the World Health Organization,

- we offer non-contact delivery. During delivery, our couriers have the option of leaving the order at the door, if that is the recipient wish,

- until further notice we cease to use written proof of delivery,

- we do not orders to hospitals.

We constantly monitor the messages from sanitary institutions and government and implement all recommendations. We try to inform you as soon as possible about any changes in the rules or implementation. We do our best to ensure that the current situation does not significantly affect the level of service and order execution. We implement a series of actions against the spread of the virus in accordance with the principle of limiting the movement of customers. We encourage you to follow the recommendations and procedures of the services, and to stay at home until the epidemiological threat ends.

You probably already have adequate supplies of pasta and cleaning products, but you can't forget about the things that will make your day at home simply sweeter.

During this special time, we encourage you to order pastry not only for the loved ones, but also for yourself. Regardless of the occasion, it might your birthday, name day or ordinary saturday coffee - order a cake today with delivery right to your door. Every day is good for something sweet.

Additional information

We are here for you! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email, we also answer all questions on our social networks.