Terms and Regulations

Go4Cake.com is the property of MyShop Ltd.  located in Poland,  ul. Sowińskiego 16a, 60-283 Poznań.
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1. MyShop sells bakery products via the Internet. Orders are accepted via the website www.go4cake.com.

2. Descriptions and images are the property of MyShop.

3. All prices shown on this website include VAT and are valid at the time of ordering.

4. Some products may be subjects to promotions. Terms of promotion  purchase may differ from the standard purchase  regulations. Promotion lasts for a specified period of time and includes only selected MyShop products. Customer will be informed about the specific promotion conditions by MyShop, using various communication channels.

5. Our patisseries and florists are equipped with detailed instructions about the order and make every effort to ensure that the ordered products are reproduced in the best possible way. Occasionally, however, the products delivered may differ from those presented on the product pages. The differences may apply to decoration cakes (including fruits used for it), +/- 20% in weight, sometimes small changes in taste (example: chocolate-raspberry cake, it can be replaced with chocolate-strawberry). In the case of mixed bouquets, the differences may apply to the flowers used for its preparation (whose availability may vary depending on the region / season), without changing the arrangement and color of the composition. However, the above changes should not have a significant impact on the general nature of the product ordered.

6. MyShop guarantees delivery of bakery products in 24 hours or 48 hours (depending on the type of product). To see specific rules go to delivery terms.

7. In case of  recipient absence, courier leaves a message requesting a call to bakery shop. This message will contain information about the package and address of the bakery. If the recipient does not contact the bakery shop or MyShop  office, the order will be canceled. The order will have to be placed again and paid in in full before re-deliver.

8. Shipments to hospitals, hotels, large companies, banks, shall be delivered to the front desk or secretary.

9. Bakery shop delivering the order can contact the recipient  to confirm the date and address of delivery.

10. In the case of non-delivery because of the customer's fault, for example an incorrect address, the unjustified refusal to accept bakery gift by recipient, etc., MyShop still has the right to charge the customer for the given order. MyShop can not be held responsible for any delay or non-delivery of the bakery product due to incorrect information about the recipient, the lack of a positive order payment authorization or absence of the recipient.

11. The order is delivered after the payment verification.

12. Complaints about bakery products must be submitted by e-mail within 24 hours from the delivery date. Complaints about delays in delivery must be reported to MyShop by e-mail within 24 hours from the delivery date.

13. MyShop has the right to refuse to deliver. In this case, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded within 7 working days.

14. MyShop Ltd., owner of the website Go4Cake.com ensures the protection of all personal data which have been obtained as a result of its activities in accordance with applicable law (Ustawa z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych oraz jej późniejsze zmiany).

15. MyShop has the right to use the customers e-mail address for marketing purposess.

16. The law applicable to ordering bakery products on www.go4cake.com is the Polish law (Ustawa o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną z dnia 18 lipca 2002 r. (Dz.U.2002r. nr 144 poz.1204)).

17. Placing an order implies acceptance of all terms specified in this document.