Cakes for companies

If you are looking for a way to express your gratitude to customers, employees or business partners, Sweet Package will be perfect for this role. We offer your company everything you need - an individual approach, a personalized offer and preferential conditions. We also always issue a VAT invoice, so when placing an order, please remember to provide your tax identification number.​

Feature 1

Individual offer

Just tell us what you need and we will completely adapt the order to your needs. 

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We carry out every order

We guarantee professional cakes with the inscription, company logo or logotype in the mass of sugar. 

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Group orders

We provide deliveries of sweets at the same time, even to several dozen locations throughout Poland. 


We successfully deliver muffins, St. Martin's croissants, donuts, printed cakes, cream muffins, sugar cakes, cheesecakes and tarts.​


Our specialty is taste, beautiful workmanship and delivery to several dozen locations at one time! We guarantee professional cakes with an inscription, company logo or logos in sugar mass. Only with us, the offer for companies brings measurable benefits! We provide:

individual approach

We will prepare a tailored offer for you depending on the size and type of the order, in addition, we offer preferential conditions especially for small and large companies.

personalized thanks
Each order can be accompanied by a greeting card, signature or company logo. In addition, you can also order a bouquet of flowers for our cakes.

custom-made products
Original designs are made at the customer's request by our best confectioners. We take up every challenge, and unique projects delight not only the palate, but also the eyes. Therefore, send us your project, we will be happy to make it for you.

simultaneous delivery in many locations
​Thanks to cooperation with local pastry shops, we deliver our cakes and pies to any place in Poland, regardless of the location and distance from a larger city. 

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Our cakes will work perfectly in any situation!!

Regardless of the circumstances or the type of party, a cake is always a wonderful, and sometimes even an indispensable element of the ceremony. It will please all gourmets of sweets, it is a nice gesture and can be a lot of joy. We recommend our cakes:
podczas obchodzenia urodzin szefa czy całej firmy

  • when celebrating the birthday of the boss or the entire company
  • when celebrating achieved goals
  • as thanks to partners
  • as gifts for business customers
  • as congratulations to employees. 

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Do you care about time? Place an order without unnecessary formalities!

Time is money, and would you like extra hours for all your chores? Don't worry and let us prepare a mailing list for your clients. Contact us or write a message and we will reply as soon as possible with the details of a personalized offer. You will gain maximum time savings in three simple steps:

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Place an order with a deferred payment date!

If you want to pay for your order at a later time, it couldn't be easier. After positive verification (we analyze, among others, KRS of your company, company domain, we expect contact from the company address, earlier orders are welcome) we will issue an invoice after its implementation, i.e. after the delivery date, on which there is a 7-day or 14-day deadline payments. To check whether your company can also use the deferred payment date, please contact our Customer Service Office. 

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Are you planning larger purchases? Select "SweetPack" bulk order!

When a special occasion in the company's life or holiday season is approaching and your company wants to thank investors or key customers, give us a call. We will prepare a sweet package for you, in which you will find products of your choice with additional materials - and these can be sent to us by courier or we will print them for you in a professional printing house. See for yourself how simple it is:

  • submit an inquiry to the address [email protected]
  • take advantage of promotions and discounts
  • we offer you a personalized offer - we will add your products, samples and folders to the confectionery products you order
  • the final valuation of your order depends on its size and delivery conditions
  • deferred payment date - even up to 14 days
  • you have access to the history of your orders, schedule and address book
  • you will receive a personal help in your future orders 

Additional information

We are at your disposal. If you only have any questions or doubts, please contact us by phone or e-mail, we also answer all inquiries on our social networks. We also provide an FAQ where you will find answers to basic questions.