Easter Bunny Candy Set

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The Sweets From the Bunny Set is a fantastic way to surprise your loved ones this Easter! We've gathered our best-selling baked goods and created a package so you don't have to worry about setting the Easter table! Order with Easter delivery and don't worry about the chores! The centerpiece of the bundle is the classic Easter Cheesecake with chocolate frosting, the traditional sandwiched babka with a delicate, buttery flavor with frosting, the beautifully decorated and carefully crafted mazurka is a true work of culinary art. Plus a minimalist keks filled with , nuts, raisins or jelly!

The set includes:

Easter Cheesecake (1pc/1.5kg/12oz.)

Sponge Cake (1pc/0.5kg/8pers.)

Mazurka (1pc/0,5kg/6pers.)

Keks (1pc/0,5kg/8os.)

Buying in a set you get a better price than buying each product separately!

Easter cakes are an inseparable part of the holiday - without them it's hard for us to imagine Sunday morning, but also the afternoon and Easter Monday. There's no denying that many people look forward to the holidays precisely because of the delicious baked goods! Since we don't always have the time or opportunity to prepare lavish feasts, we have prepared a range of Easter cake kits for you, which you can order with delivery from a local bakery right on your holiday. With several variations, you are sure to find a set that is perfect for you and your loved ones. The Sweets from the Hare set includes 4 delicious Easter cakes: a round Easter cheesecake with beautiful decoration, a classic sand cake with icing, a rich kajmak mazurek and an Easter keks. It's everything you need for the upcoming Easter to enjoy free time and delicious flavors with your family!

Order an Easter cake set for yourself and your family, or choose one of our baked goods as a holiday gift for someone close to you. You can place an order that we will deliver to you even at the other end of Poland - we operate throughout the country, so you can be sure that you will receive ordered cakes fresh and on time. Order a cake for Easter for your mom and dad, if you can't see them in person, for siblings or friends, or for long-lost acquaintances. You will make them happy in their memory and make this spring a little warmer and sunnier for them. In addition to the kits, you can also choose from a variety of other baked goods from our online pastry shop, including Easter cupcakes, Golden Babka, or Kajmak Cake - each a delicious choice for the upcoming Easter. 

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