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Sweet package „Wonderful Meetings” is great for special occasions. Those can be bigger family meetings, or important meetings with friends. This package contains rich chocolate cake, which will conquer everyone’s heart. Apart from the cake there are two special cakes: classic cheesecake and jelly fruit pie, and also set of 12 chocolate muffins.

This package contains:

Chocolate Cake 1,5 kg

Classic Cheesecake small 1 kg

Jelly Fruit Cake 1 kg

12 Chocolate Muffins

Buying in a set you get a better price than buying each product individually!

Chocolate cake is a classic one and everybody loves it – both children and adults. It is lighter than most people think and it is thanks to whipped cream inside. It looks beautiful on the table on special occasions because of its chocolate coating. It is most likely to be ordered for occasions such as birthday, but also name-days, anniversaries and Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Apart from the chocolate cake there are two wonderful cakes. The first one is classic cheesecake with frosting decoration. It is very light and puffy and, what’s most important, always fresh, thanks to our local pastry shops. Another one is jelly sponge cake, that contains sponge-cake, rich cream, and jelly with seasonal fruits. It is a fresh combination, which creates tasty balance for chocolate cake.


In this package there is also a set of 12 chocolate muffins. These are great for many, many occasions and they are loved by both kids and adults. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they see them on the table! Muffins are universal treats and they will look great next to other pastries.


In our opinion you deserve free time before your guests arrive. You shouldn’t have to work all day in the kitchen on your special day! This is why we propose this sweet package, which will save you a lot of time and satisfy your guests’ sweet teeth. You can also order beautiful flowers, which will also make this occasion even more special.




price: 429.90 zł
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429.90 zł
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