St. Martin's Croissants


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Our Saint Martin Croissants distinguish three things:


Unforgettable taste
Delicious, moist and soft filling made of the highest quality aromatic white poppy seeds

Exceptionally fast execution
Fast and precise shipping - hand-to-hand delivery even 24 hours after placing the order!

Top quality croissants
We only ship croissants of the highest quality - all our croissants have Quality certificate!


The most important thing in our Croissants is that we put our whole heart into baking them. We ship only fresh Croissants - bake them and pack them right away! We know what it is like to wait for your favorite delicacy, so we have made every effort to ensure that the package with your Croissants arrives as soon as possible, even 24 hours after placing the order !

Our Croissants have certificate of the Chapter of the Traditional Poznań Rogal Świętomarciński , ensuring that they are baked in accordance with the traditional recipe. Their local character is also guaranteed by the recognition of the Świętomarciński Rogal as a regional product, protected by the European Union Geographical Indication.


See the opinions of customers who appreciated our croissants:

Zuzanna Jabłońska

The best croissants in the world, plus every calorie for a good cause. Thank you for being able to become part of something great! Best wishes!

Maria Kąkolewska

I have been waiting all year to try real St. Martin's croissants. These are fresh and so delicious it makes you drool!

Jan Żelazny

I order and the next day I eat croissants without leaving the house and without queuing. Great solution for me.

Joanna Marcichowska

I sent the croissants to my granddaughters in Warsaw - they were delighted! You can make a great surprise when you miss your family

Maria Eckner

I am really happy - the next day after ordering, the courier brought me a packet of croissants! I didn't expect it to go so soon!

Leszek Kęsicki

Fast, efficient and hassle-free, plus large and really fresh croissants! I did not think that I would be so positively surprised.

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