Birthday cake 2 numbers

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Two cakes, each in the shape of a number, are a surprising new version of the birthday cake! Choose the number that corresponds to the age of the birthday person and order a delicious birthday cake with delivery. You can choose any flavour of filling so that it will be a perfect, tailor-made cake.

When placing your order - in the special instructions - please specify the two figures in the form in which the cakes are to be made and their order. Otherwise we will deliver the cakes in the shape and order of the digits from the product photo.

When placing your order you will see the field "special instructions". To create a cake according to your preferences please choose the type of sponge cake (dark or light) and the filling.
Choose your flavour: strawberry, raspberry, peach, cherry, lemon, chocolate, walnut, coffee, cream.

*The cake in the photo is for reference only. You can enter your cake finishing preferences in the special instructions. Our confectioners will do their best to make it according to your vision.
In case this is not possible the cake will be made in its basic form.
Number shaped cake is an unusual idea for a birthday cake. It’s a surprising baking, which will definitely become the center of attention on the party! Both kids and adults will love it. Write us the numbers that you want the cake to be in shape of and add your flavor of choice – thanks to this you will receive tasty, personalized cake.

Are you looking for an idea for a gift for someone? Or maybe you are looking just for an original birthday cake? Check out our offer – number shaped cake is only one of our delicious birthday cakes! Check out our categories with traditional cakes and birthday cakes to choose your ideal cake.

If you are preparing for a bigger party, you can also order many other tasty baked goods. We have many traditional cakes such as cheesecakes or fruit cakes. Your guests will be delighted with our freshly baked desserts from local bakery.
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