Chocolate Vegan Cake

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This melt-in-your-mouth Vegan Chocolate Cake is a healthier version of traditional baked goods with a modern twist! Intense chocolate sponge cake hides a delicious vegan mousse with chocolate and forest fruits. The whole is topped with a layer of cocoa butter and almond paste glaze! It was made by Masters of Confectionery who made sure that each layer of the cake evokes a completely different taste experience.

The baked goods are delivered deeply chilled by a courier company, in a special heat-insulating package! A pro-health product: with a reduced calorific value, the composition of which consists of only natural and healthy ingredients

Chocolate Vegan Cake is a health-rich construction of several recipes. It includes tomato fiber and oil seeds such as chia, texture of which can be felt in the sponge cake part along with a generous amount of banana pulp sweetened with agave syrup. Between the flavorful layers of the sponge cake, we placed a chocolate vegan mousse based on the French ganache method made with almond milk and forest fruit pulp. It makes the cake delicate, as it does not contain cream or animal products, and the forest fruits give the chocolate a fresh, slightly sour note. Whipped immediately after cooling, it is very delicate in its texture. In the bottom part of the ganache are freeze-dried raspberries, which retain all the vitamins and stay resistant to fermentation. In the upper part of the chocolate mousse there is a Pate de Fruit jelly made of forest fruits. The top is the cherry on the cake. The crunchy layer of topping is made of cocoa butter, 100% almond paste, color of which is obtained from beet juice.

We provide safe deliveries. Cakes are baked and packaged with the highest safety and hygene precautions, and folowing the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Our employees have sanitary certificates, the bakery studio is sterile, we work in disposable masks and gloves..

If you haven’t heard of our BOX products yet, we have some information for you. First of all, remember to storage it properly - like most of fresh products, it has to be kept in a darkened and cool place. You can put it in the refrigerator just before the serving. Also, remember that these products expire in five days after being baked. The expiration date is in the box.

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